Beverley, Toll Gavel Church

Toll Gavel United Church, Beverley

Built in 1891 by Morley & Woodhouse of Bradford, a schoolroom was added to the rear in 1903, it replaced an older chapel in Walkergate, Beverley. The ‘Prims’ joined in 1955 when their own church needed to be demolished. The Methodist and United Reform congregations joined together as an LEP in 1976 when their church required major repairs. The church building was refurbished, complete with an extended foyer creating a cafe area, and disability ramp, in 1999.

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  • Has anyone looked at the 1891 census? It would give ages and any other siblings and domicile which the chapel might already know ?

    By Alan (05/11/2022)
  • From the Editorial Team:
    Herbert’s father was Rev Richard Stevens. (Census 1881 and 1891). If you look at this resource:
    you’ll see all the places he served until 1896 (he died in 1899). Like all Wesleyan Ministers, he moved frequently! The family were in Beverley from 1879 to 1882, so Herbert was aged about 2 to 5 and probably didn’t go to school there.
    I have removed your address from your comment, but will happily reinstate it if you are sure you want it published.
    If anyone replies to your comment, I can easily put you in touch by email without sharing your details on the website.

    By Pamela Atkins (01/05/2022)
  • I am writing a blog about Herbert Stevens for the British Ornithologists Club. He was the son of the Minister at Beverley in the 1890’s. He went out to India as a young man and became a tea planter in Darjeeling. He later married Amy, ( who was born in Leeds) and together they made several trips, often in country, which was not then even surveyed, in the border lands between India and Tibet. He collected plants and birds which are now in National Museums and although his name is quite well known to ornithologists very little is known about his life.
    Are there by any chance any records of how long the family lived in Beverley and whether the church had a school attached at the time Herbert would have been at school? There were other children in the family too, a brother Horace. If there are any records of the family I would be most grateful to have them, if you could spare the time to send them.

    By Mrs Amberley Moore (21/04/2022)

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