Halifax, Trinity Wesleyan Church, Trinity Road/Pellon Lane

HALIFAX, Trinity Wesleyan, Trinity Road/Pellon Lane, Methodist.

Halifax, Trinity Wesleyan, Trinity Road/Pellon Lane, Wesleyan Methodist. The Church was demolished in 1968 when the area was cleared for the construction of the head office of the Halifax Building Society.
The whereabouts of the organ is unknown.

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  • Trinity Methodist Church on Pellon Lane
    ( pictured) closed in November 1971. My parents transferred their membership to the Methodist Church on Stretchgate Lane, Pellon which itself closed some years later once the new Highgate Methodist Church was built.

    By Richard Sewell (14/03/2024)
  • I went to this church as a child and have some of my earliest singing memories from there, both in the church and Sunday school, with my older sister Dawn. We went to Fairfield Methodist on Queens Road after it was demolished. I joined the Boys Brigade & played in the band, which marched the streets on some Sunday mornings (I’m sure annoying the neighbours!) and our younger brother Matt, too. Dawn was in the Brownies, then Guides. David Cooper was a fabulous minister and I have very fond memories of times at The Manse (in Gibraltar Road?) with his wife (Ros?), daughters (Jane & ?) and little black dog (Sammy?). David also played organ very well and he did a 24 hour marathon of playing, to go towards the organ restoration fund. I have one of the small wooden organ pipes somewhere, which was replaced. He took requests and did a very good rendition of the Dambusters’ March! I also sang in the choir there. I think Fairfield was sold to be a Ukrainian church, as there was a big Ukrainian community club very close to it on Queens road. We didn’t go on to Highgate, after the congregation was invited there, as our family didn’t own a car and it was much too far to walk, from our home in Queens Road.

    By Graeme Broadbent (07/04/2023)
  • Messrs Sewell & Wild are quite correct.

    By Andrew Stopford (16/07/2021)
  • There is an error with this entry. The church on Trinity Road cleared for construction of the Halifax Building Society was a different chapel and nothing to do with Trinity Wesleyan Methodist Chapel pictured which was at the junction of Pellon Lane and Queens Road, Halifax.

    By Richard Sewell (02/07/2021)
  • I am told with authority Trinity joined with Pellon and Fairfield and formed Highgate Methodist in 1977.

    By Steven Wild (17/04/2021)

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