Oldham, Wesley, (Greenacres Road)

OLDHAM Wesley (Greenacres Road) Wesleyan Methodist Church

Lancashire OLDHAM Wesley (Greenacres Road) Wesleyan Methodist Church
It was founded in 1832 at Mount Pleasant. In 1858 they moved to Greenacres Road. The church closed in 1970 it still stands as some kind of warehouse very forlorn- does anyone know if the ‘chapel’ type building at the side was a Sunday School?

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  • Yes, the building at the side was used for Sunday school classes. On the top floor there was also a massive hall used for gala days and crowning of the Rose Queen. The ground floor held the kitchens. In my mother’s day it was all buzzing; the congregation was so big that there was a circle in the chapel to provide extra seating. In the 1950’s when my sister and myself were forced to go it was a dying place – very depressing. There was this huge chapel, huge organ, rows of seats for the choir, even more rows of pews – and hardly anyone to fill them. In the side building the ground floor with the kitchens was closed, the large hall was empty most of the time and most of the side rooms were closed. To add to the gloom the buildings outside were black with pollution and, all in all, I cannot think of a better example of “sic transit gloria mundi”. When I look back on my childhood it was my least favourite place in Oldham.

    By Andrea Shaw (29/01/2022)

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