Dewsbury, Moorlands Wesleyan Chapel and Schools, Boothroyd Lane

Moorland Wesleyan Chapel, Dewsbury
The British Architect and Northern Engineer, 1876
Moorlands Wesleyan Schools, Dewsbury
The British Architect and Northern Engineer, 1876

Built to seat 1100, with a gallery and an organ, the chapel was opened in 1877. The School consisted of a central room 64 by 36 feet, surrounded by thirteen classrooms. At the time of the 1940 Statistical Returns accommodation in the chapel was estimated as being 354. There were still thirteen classrooms, however.

All the Dewsbury chapels came together in 1971, at which point accommodation had reduced to 120, with only two classrooms. Does anyone have further information on whether these buildings were built as designed, their life and their fate?

George Mallinson (1832-1908) was a Dewsbury born architect whose main claim to fame was that he built the first stone church in New Zealand, at Port Lyttelton where he was resident from 1857 to 1864. Family history websites suggest that his father was buried at Queen Street Wesleyan Methodist, Morley, so he may have had a connection with Wesleyan Methodism himself. Stell noted that Mallinson had apparently refitted the Wesleyan chapel in Latham Lane, Gomersal eralier in the 1870s.

Grid Ref: SE238219


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  • Frederick Firth, Major of Drewsbury was presented with a silver trowel and mallet on the occasion of his laying of the memorial stone of Wesleyan Sunday School Mooorlands on July 8th. 1876

    By David Smith (28/11/2022)

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