Pickhill Wesleyan Chapel

Pickhill Wesleyan Chapel was built around 1864 (although appears to be missing from the 1873 returns of accommodation) and is now a disused building.


I have an inherited a Methodist Hymn book (about 5cm x 14cm with very tiny writing) which was presented to my great, great aunt, Madge Scott from “Pickhill Wesleyan Sunday School, Christmas 1918.” Madge, or Marjorie would have been twelve at the time.
I realised Pickhill was missing from the Geoffrey Goodman research and thought adding a couple of photos from the hymn book might help prompt some additions

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  • Pickhill chapel was so good they registered it twice! It appears in the Registrar General’s list of places of worship in 1867 as both a Wesleyan chapel and a Wesleyan Methodist chapel. Which suggests there may have been another chapel before 1864, and indeed there was. The first chapel was opened in 1820 according to the 1851 Religious Census return. On Census day (30 March 1851) 10 people attended in the morning, 45 in the afternoon and 54 in the evening. Th return was filled in by Benjamin Blakeborough, who is described as Trustee and manager.
    Historically, it was in the Bedale Circuit, in rural North Yorkshire, and is in fact listed in 1873, having accommodation for 134. Seventy years later, in the 1940 returns, we are told it could seat 130 in pews. It was still going strong in 1970, with seating for 100. Other people may well be able to add to the story

    By Philip Thornborow (07/03/2023)

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