Manchester, Wesley, Oldham Road

The first chapel on this site was erected in 1826, but by 1882 was dilapidated beyond repair. This chapel and minister’s house were designed by A.W. Smith of Manchester, the estimated cost being £6000


Reference: The Twenty-eighth annual report of the Wesleyan Chapel Committee, 1882

Wesleyan Chapel Committee

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  • Oldham Road and Oldham Street are, indeed, two separate buildings. The link at the end of this comment explains why there were two thoroughfares with the same name (one was named after a Mr Oldham, and one was the road leading to Oldham). The chapel in which Edward Goodall was baptised was the earliest Methodist chapel in the city, and was replaced (incredibly confusingly at about the same time as the one in Oldham Road) by the Methodist Central Hall in Manchester, which was also the Manchester offices of the Mehodist Church in Britain.

    By Philip Thornborow (19/01/2022)
  • Since I posted the above comment, I’ve realised that this is the Oldham *Road* Chapel, and the baptism records I’ve seen refer to the Oldham *Street* Chapel, so I’m not sure whether they’re both referring to the same establishment. I’m sorry if I’ve produced a red herring!

    By Ian Bromelow (17/01/2022)
  • The Wesleyan Chapel on Oldham St. was in action before 1826. Records show that my 3 x great grandfather Edward Goodall was baptised there on 2nd October 1825!

    By Ian Bromelow (13/01/2022)

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