Liverpool, Brunswick Wesleyan Methodist Church

Three of my second cousins once removed got married at Brunswick Wesleyan Methodist Church, Liverpool in August & December 1910 & September 1914. My researches show the Church was in Moss Street but no longer stands. On-line I have found a print of an 1829 engraving of the Church but I would like a copy of a more contemporaneous photograph, if one exists. Can anybody help?
I have attached a photograph of the September 1914 wedding which shows a clergyman who I presume was the incumbent minister and conducted the service. Can anybody name him for me?
There are actually two clergymen in the photograph but the other one is in my mufti and is seated on the extreme right – he is the Rev John Redhead, my great-grandfather, who was a Primitive Methodist Minister. My connection to the bridegroom, James Litster Farrow, goes through his wife, the lady sitting next to him and my great-grandmother who started out life as Mary Ann Farrow.

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  • Further to my previous comment, I found a location of the Sunday School on the corner of Erskine St and Low Hill. It is mentioned in a document on Google books.

    By Tony Whittaker (04/04/2022)
  • I noticed a photo of Brunswick Wesleyan Sunday School on eBay. I can’t see a building with a similar footprint on the map anywhere near Moss St. If you’d like the photo, I can send it to you.

    By Tony Whittaker (01/04/2022)
  • Hi,
    I do not have any pictures of this church but can hopefully help shed some light on the history of the building. I am currently researching buildings in Liverpool that were bombed during WW2. A large volume of the rubble from these bombings ended up deposited on Crosby Beach, Liverpool and I believe this is what happened here as I have found gravestones at the beach which were from this church. If you want more info feel free to message me on twitter, my account is @archaeobeach.

    By Emma (08/05/2019)

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