Bagslate, Wesley chapel

Bagslate, Wesley
Wesleyan Chapel Committee, 1870
Edenfield Road, Norden, with Bagslate Wesley Methodist Church
Specially published for T Crabtree, photgraphic dealer, Norden.
Watercolour of Bagslate Wesley Methodist Church
Artist: James W. Hindley, Sunday School Superintendent. (1970s ?) Original gifted to the Trustees. Norden Methodist Church
Trowel used to lay the foundation stone of Bagslate Wesleyan Schools, 23rd June, 1859
“Presented to Miss E.A. Heap by the building committee Bagslate Wesleyan Schools on the her laying of the foundation stone 25th June 1859”
Bagslate Methodist Chapel

Wesley Chapel, Bagslate was originally built in 1810, and a baptismal register covering 1817 to 1837 is deposited in the National Archives. It was re-opened after extensions on 12 November 1869.

The extended chapel could seat 750, but by the time of the 1940 Statistical Returns, it could seat 684.

Grid Ref: SD867142

Reference: The sixteenth annual report of the Wesleyan Chapel Committee, 1870 page 128

Returns of accommodation … 1873. London: Wesleyan Conference Office, 1875

Statistical returns … as at July 1st 1940. Manchester: Methodist Church, Department of Chapel Affairs, 1947


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  • Thank you for this link, Pamela, which gives important information allowing the correction of a couple of key dates in the history of the chapel.

    By Philip Thornborow (29/03/2023)
  • We are very grateful to you, Mr. Marriott, for the photographs which I have added to the original page. The trowel was used for the laying of the foundation stone of the Wesleyan Schools. associated with the chapel. An account in the Rochdale Observer of 2nd July 1859 has revealed the name of the lady who laid the stone.

    By Philip Thornborow (29/03/2023)
  • Pupils from the adjacent school moved to Norden County Primary School about 1952-53 when (according to the National Archives) the new school was built. The old school room continued to be used for sunday school meetings and social events until the church was demolished c1975 and Bagslate Wesley members joined with Bagslate Moor Church to form the new Norden Methodist Church. I have some pictures and mor information if you would like copies please let me know.

    By Arthur Marriott (27/03/2023)
  • I’d like to know the year it was demolished.

    By Valerie (26/02/2020)
  • Can you tell me why and when this beautiful building was demolished please?

    By David Ousey (25/02/2020)

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