Winterborne Stickland, Dorset

Winterborne Stickland Wesleyan Chapel 2022

In the latter part of the 19th century, the population of Stickland was around 400 but like many small Dorset villages it had two Methodist chapels. The Wesleyan chapel (built 1863), is just round the corner from the Primitive (built 1877), but it is up Chapel Lane off North Street and until I saw the old OS map I could not find it at all as the lane has no name board and just looks like a track to a few farm buildings. When I walked up the lane I still missed the chapel and it was only on the way back down that I saw the name. The occupant confirmed that it is the actual chapel building and told me it still has some fittings inside.

Below is the return for the 1851 religious census. By this time there was already a Primitive Methodist congregation in addition to the Wesleyan. The reported attendance at the Primitive chapel was 80 in the afternoon and 100 in the evening. The parish church also reported 100 in the morning and 118 in the afternoon!! John Stephens also reported 50 attending the Wesleyan preaching house in the evening at nearby Winterbourne Houghton and he also completed Winterborne Whitechurch.

Place of worship: Wesleyan Preaching House.

Parish or place: Stickland.

Date erected, consecrated or licensed: 1834.

Religious denomination: Wesleyan Methodist.

Informant: John Stevens, Minister.

Estimated attendance on Sunday 30 March 1851: morning [not stated], afternoon 35, evening 40.

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  • I have just come across this in the catalogue of Dorset History Centre.
    NM-7/S/36/TS/5/1 STOUR VALLEY METHODIST CIRCUIT. Papers concerning the sale of the Higher Methodist Chapel [former Wesleyan Chapel]. 1946

    By Mark Churchill (21/02/2023)

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