Creekmoor Wesleyan Chapel, Dorset

According to a booklet published in 1990 for the centenary of the Broadstone chapel and loaned to me by David Sprackling, the land between Poole and Wimborne was, in the 19th century, open heathland, difficult to cultivate and mainly used for cutting turfs for fuel. Changes began after the Enclosure Act of 1822. Three distinct communities emerged – Creekmoor, Waterloo and Broadstone. Each of them eventually had Wesleyan congregations. The first record of Methodists in the area is 1820 when Jethro Lovell held a class at Creekmoor attached to Poole circuit.

The chapel that was eventually opened at Creekmoor was on the north side of Cabot Lane near to its junction with Creekmoor Lane. I have not managed to find the chapel on old OS maps. Possibly it dates only from 1932 and was closed in 1985 as Dorset History Centre has Trustees Minutes and Accounts and Baptismal Register for that period which I have not been able to view. To open a chapel in 1932, the congregation must have been in existence and growing for some time before that. It continued to be shown on local street plans until at least 2006 but has now been demolished and replaced by housing –  Old Chapel Mews. It seems as though it may have been become a community hall after closing as a chapel. Sorry I have not been able to locate a photograph, but the 1940 list of buildings says it was Wesleyan, brick-built, seating 80 on chairs, and had been damaged by enemy action.

I have just come across Geoffrey Goodman’s list which says it did close in 1985 and became part of the Local Ecumenical Project, Christ Church, Creekmoor which is at 28 Northmead Drive.

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