Family History

Page link: Alice Wilkinson Day 1863-1953
Alice Wilkinson Day 1863-1953
Wesleyan Schoolmistress
Page link: Blaenavon
Young, Gameson, Miles and others
Page link: Hugh Price Hughes and the Richardson Family
Hugh Price Hughes and the Richardson Family
Family connections to a great Wesleyan
Page link: James Webb of Kenilworth
James Webb of Kenilworth
"Old Wesleyan"
Page link: Methodist Centenarian: Ann Berrington
Methodist Centenarian: Ann Berrington
known as 'The Oldest Methodist'
Page link: Robert Sheppard Goose
Robert Sheppard Goose
Lay Preacher
Page link: Some North Norfolk Wesleyanism
Some North Norfolk Wesleyanism
Richardson preachers in North Norfolk
Page link: Victoria Road WMC Headingley
Victoria Road WMC Headingley
My Dad and Grandparents