Ashby Road Wesleyan Methodist Sunday school

Sunday school prize 1933

I have two books which were present to my uncle, Kenneth Mowbray, for 1st prize from the Sunday school, one in 1933 called;

From slum to quarter-deck  1933; and

Pirate and Picaroon,  1st prize in 1934

The supt was J. Hallam but I cannot find anything about Ashby Road Methodist church. I lived in Loughbough as a child and still visit once a year. I live in Gt. Yarmouth now and go to Newtown Methodist church where I’m a Steward and Worship Leader.

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  • I was born in 1932 and used to go to Ashby Rd Chapel as a child. My brother (born 1922) was very engaged with the Young Mens’ group along with Ernie, Eric and the other members of the Wright family.  Mr, Hallam was the Superintendent  and he read out the notices on Sundays with some difficulty because he was scarcely literate, but utterly honest and kind.  

    I was trying to explain to a friend how ‘The Anniversary’ was organised in all the Methodist chapels in the town..Weslyans, Baptists, etc. and how important it was, with extra chairs being placed all down the aisles on Sunday evenngs.  At about 8 or 10 I gave up on Sunday School – and indeed religion generally –  when the teacher told us the Earth was 6000 years old when I already had some knowledge of paleontology and geology. 

    However, these were enormously formative years for me and the sense of community and fellowship is never totally lost.  The chapel itself was abandoned and demolished many years ago.  

    By Roy MADRON (26/08/2018)
  • Could the chapel in question be Brumby Wesleyan chapel on Ashby Road, Brumby, Scunthorpe, Lincs? It was built in 1929 then rebuilt in 1962 and renamed St Mark’s. In 2007 it joined with St Andrew’s URC to become Old Brumby United Church.



    By Pamela Atkins (04/04/2017)

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