Four young ministers have fun, Mid-Gloucestershire Mission 1922

The Mid Gloucestershire Mission, 1922. My grandfather Rev. Walter Headey is the one at the front. I’d love to know who the other three young ministers were.

This was Laurie Lee country, the area around Stroud. I think the mission had been set up by the Methodist Church to tackle ungodly behaviour in the area (read Cider with Rosie).

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  • Hall’s Circuits and Ministers: 1913 to 1923 lists six ministers in the Mid-Gloucestershire Mission in 1922. As those in the photograph are the younger ones, they are probably H. Gordon Sellers, O.B.E. , Walter A. Headey, H. Patterson Browell, B.A. and Peter Woods.

    The two senior ministers were Alfred E. Watt, C.B.E, D.S.O. and Charles A. Harries

    You might be able to find more information in the various lists of ministers on this site.

    By Philip Thornborow (16/05/2022)

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