Can you help me unravel the history of this pew please?

I have recently bought an oak pew with poppy head finials and am very keen to establish the history of this pew. I have traced it back to the original salvage company, Andy Thornton in Halifax, but there the trail goes cold. I understand it is Victorian and emanates from a Wesleyan Chapel in East Yorkshire.

I would also be interested in any information about the poppyhead design and it’s meaning.

Being oak sets it apart as it is much rarer to find an oak pew like this – many of a similar design are made of pitch pine. Sadly I don’t have a clue as to when it was salvaged and have been unable to ascertain such information.

I’m just wondering if by pure chance someone will recognise this pew and indicate exactly where it was used by so many over the years. Any information given is purely for personal use, I am simply intrigued to know the provenance of this beautiful piece of furniture which will live out my life with me in Cornwall. Thank you very much for reading.

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  • I am beyond thrilled to say I have discovered the pew came from South Cliff Methodist Church in Scarborough. The Yorkshire North & East Methodist District have been able to identify it for me. I even have a photograph of it in situ before it was removed in 2016 so I’m very happy indeed.

    By Val R (16/11/2020)

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