WILKS, Arthur Herbert 1876 - 1949

Obituary from the Minutes of the Methodist Conference 1950, page 129

Born at Flixton in 1876, and educated at the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle-on-Tyne. He was a great-grandson of the Rev. Matthew Wilks, a founder of the Bible Society. He entered Richmond College at the age of twenty-one, and this offering of his youth became the service of his life until he died at seventy-three.

That he was successively Chairman of the Channel Islands and Zetland Districts is a symbol of his readiness to go where he was most needed.

He began his ministry in Portugal and concluded it in a wide country mission in war-time East Anglia.

During his Superintendency at Colchester there occurred, on 31st December 1926, the disastrous fire which gutted Culver Street, and the loss of his church caused a serious illness.

As soon as he was able to leave his sick-bed, he put all his strength into replacing the loss with the present beautiful building, raising several thousand pounds to pay the cost, and the church was reopened without delay.

He was a minister of vigorous and gracious personality, who endeared himself to all who knew him. His was a life of dear, deepening friendships ; he treated children as equals, and they loved him ; he had strong convictions, but no opponent could resist his courtesy and affection. He preached, as he loved, passionately.

His Call ruled his life, his loyalty to the Ministry and his faithfulness to our discipline drew devotion. His colleagues admired his administrative skill. His habitual study of the Word of God and his love of family prayer attested his remembrance of ordination vows. He read often the great English, French, and Latin classics.

The death of his wife in 1939 was his unforgotten sorrow, but years of prayerful living had made him quick to discern God at his side.

He died at Colchester on the 31st October 1949, in the seventy-fourth year of his age and the fiftieth of his ministry.

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    Apologies for the slight delay I could not put my hand on the appropriate book.

    Hope it is useful.

    Here are the details for Rev Wilks’ stations from – Ministers and Probationers with Circuits etc 1947.

    1900 Lisbon Portugal 3
    1903 London, South Av
    1905 London, Paddington 3 (total in London)
    1906 Grays 3
    1909 Rock Ferry 3
    1912 Peterborough 3
    1915 Burton on Trent 5
    1920 Supernum. 1
    1921 Great Bentley 4
    1925 Colchester 5
    1930 Guernsey Eng. 6
    1936 Jersey Gt Un Rd 3
    1939 Lerwick &c 3
    1942 Hunts. Mis. 3
    1945 Supernum

    By Chris Hancock (09/05/2020)
  • If you follow this link and look up Arthur, you’ll see he was stationed to Guernsey in 1930. thathttps://www.mymethodisthistory.org.uk/research-resources-2/ministers_and_probationers_of_the_methodist_church_with_appointments_in_chronological_and_alphabetical_order_-_1932
    His entry in Who’s Who in Methodism 1933 confirms he was Chairman of the District at that time.

    By Pamela Atkins (04/05/2020)
  • Rev Arthur Wilks was my maternal grandfather.I have been to Jersey to see his and my grandmothers grave at St.Brelades church.I would like to find out when he was Chairman of the Methodist Church in the Channel Islands.

    By Garth Joscelyne (03/05/2020)

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