PYE, Thomas Akrill (M.A., LL.M.) 1871 - 1950

Obituary from the Minutes of the Methodist Conference 1950, page 140

Born at Willoughton Grange, nr. Gainsborough, in 1871. He began preaching in 1888, when he was a lad of seventeen years of age. Entering the Ministry in 1894 after his training at Didsbury College, he exercised a strong and fruitful ministry.

He specialized in encouraging young people in the study of the Bible and theology, and prepared a number of candidates for the Local Preachers’ Plan and for the Ministry.

He was also a leader in the Brotherhood Movement and served some of the largest Brotherhoods in the North and Midlands.

In 1932 he retired from the active Ministry, but took up the work of an active Supernumerary at Blairgowrie, where for six years he faithfully served the Methodist Church. Beloved by his congregation for his sincere and earnest work as preacher, pastor, and administrator he co-operated with the religious, temperance, and philanthropic societies, and was held in very high regard in the community.

A serious illness, from which he never recovered, during the last eight years of his life, caused him to desist from preaching, but he was faithful in his attendance at the church services, where he was an interested and appreciative listener.

He was always a student and in the last year of his life made a special study of the teaching of Socrates and Christ.

He passed away on 2nd February 1950, in the fifty-sixth year of his ministry, being seventy-nine years of age.

©Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes 1950

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