HUTCHCROFT, Noel Francis (L.R.A.M.) 1888 - 1949

Obituary from the Minutes of the Methodist Conference 1950, page 131

Born at Lastingham, Yorkshire, in 1888. He was the son of a country school-master and always breathed something of the freshness of the countryside. He found his way into the Ministry through years of training at Cliff College and Didsbury and his ministerial service was always in great centres of population.

He left behind him a memory of vigorous ministries at Paisley, Blackburn, Hull, and Birmingham, in all of which he was conspicuous for his prophetic proclamation of righteousness and his unrelenting challenge to evil.

The cause of temperance was to him part of his life-blood, and the drink evil a monster everywhere to be ruthlessly challenged.

He ended his service in the Temperance and Social Welfare Department only some fifteen months after he had been called to labour there. Already he had manifested the eager zest which always possessed him, and it can truly be said that it was in the thick of the battle that he laid down his life.

Those who knew him best remark his enthusiasm for Sunday-school work, his service as a class-leader even before he became a minister, the outstanding quality of his pastoral work, and the graciousness of his character which won him the love of many.

He was a lover of beautiful things, the open countryside, the drama and, above all, music. He had a baritone voice of fine timbre which he had carefully trained and put at the service of his ministry.

The Conference will long preserve the memory of his years of service as its Precentor. He passed suddenly to his rest on 10th November 1949.

He thus ended his life before his time, at the age of sixty-two, when he had served thirty-five years in the Ministry and still looked forward eagerly to several years in its service. We treasure the memory of a gifted and fearless servant of God and the Church.

©Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes 1950

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