Glassonby Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Cumbria

Glassonby Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 2011
Bryan Gray
Glassonby Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 2011
Bryan Gray
Glassonby Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 2011
Bryan Gray
Can anybody identify any of these people?
David Kidd

A Wesleyan Methodist society meeting in Glassonby first appeared in the records in 1831 (in the minutes of the Local Preachers’ meeting) and the first financial donation to circuit funds was made in 1832. The first chapel building followed in 1839. There was a sudden growth in membership in 1868 and in 1869 the society built a new chapel at a cost of £524 on a new site, with seating for 122. The old chapel, which seated only 80, was sold for £12 for use as an outhouse

In about 1910 the Inland Revenue survey described the chapel as follows:

‘Contains 20 Pews, 3 choir Pews, Wainscotting 36’’ high & pulpit (all pitchpine), porch & room at end used as school-room. Heated by stove and lighted by oil lamps. Stone built and slated in good order.’

The Revd G Bramwell Evens, the broadcaster Romany of the BBC in the 1930s, was a great friend of the Potter family, who attended Glassonby chapel, and frequently visited them here. A plaque was erected on the chapel wall in 2003 to mark this connection: see

The chapel closed for public worship in 2011 and is now (2019) being converted into a private house.

The records are all held at the Cumbria Archive Service, Carlisle but I may be able to help with any queries. I am researching the history of Methodism in the parish of Addingham, where the chapel is situated and have amassed a lot of information about individuals who lived here 1820-1932. I am keen to contact anybody who had ancestors living here around then, whether Methodist or not. Please see also Hunsonby Chapel and Gamblesby Chapel.


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  • Any of the Beatham family in the photo? They all lived in Glassonby at that time. 9 boys and one girl.

    By Steph McNeice-Williams (14/07/2022)
  • Hi, my extended family on my father’s side lived and farmed around Glassonby, Glassonby Beck and the Lazonby area, I have a book that was given to my great grandfather’s cousin, Betsy Housby, in 1892 at the Sunday School Glassonby. At the time the book had been used and original name removed. The book is Fought and Won by Ruth Elliot, it’s not in the best of condition but it is complete.

    By Steve Johnston (28/10/2021)

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