East Jarrow Wesleyan Day School

East Jarrow Wesleyan Day School
Wesleyan Chapel Committee

This school was built for children of men of the S. Mease & Son Chemical Works. It was known later as the East Jarrow Lake Chemical Works School, and was open from 1866 to 1913. A photograph of East Jarrow Wesleyan Methodist chapel is to be found on the Bede Circuit page on this site.

Reference: The Tenth annual report of the Wesleyan Chapel Committee, 1864 page 114

Tyne and Wear Archives. User Guide 15E Schools – South Tyneside.

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  • In answer to Joan Baker, Tyne and Wear Archives hold the records of the school, which include a file relating to the sale of the school to the local authority in 1913. There was also apparently an East Jarrow council school which was definitely open in the 1930s. So your mother may have attended school in this building, but it was no longer under Wesleyan control by then.

    By Philip Thornborow (25/02/2021)
  • Did this school definitely close in 1913? My mother seems to think she attended this school from about 1934 to 1937. She is 91 now and lived in East Jarrow at that time.

    By Joan BAKER (17/02/2021)
  • Solomon Mease (1800-1871) was my 2x Great Grandfather. He was a leading figure in the Wesleyan Methodist Community on Tyneside. Industrialist, shipowner, and philanthropist, and was twice Mayor of Tynemouth. It is said that when the Newcastle orphan house was demolished he re-assembled, plank by plank, John Wesley’s study which stood atop the site, in the garden of his house at North Shields.

    By Paul Roper (05/11/2019)

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