Bourne, Star Lane/Abbey Road, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Lincolnshire

01 Bourne WM Chapel, facade, 4.12.2019
02 Bourne WM Chapel, west side, 4.12.2019
03 Bourne WM Chapel, east side, 4.12.2019
04 Bourne WM Chapel, back, 4.12.2019
05 Bourne WM Chapel,halls etc, south side, 4.12.2019
06 Bourne WM Chapel, halls etc, east side, 4.12.2019
07 Bourne WM Chapel, halls etc, north and west sides, 4.12.2019
08 Bourne WM Chapel, plaque from 1812 chapel, 4.12.2019

The first Wesleyan Chapel to be erected in Bourne was built on a back land site measuring 12 yards by 10 yards in 1812. When the new chapel opened in 1841 it became the Sunday school. It remained in being until 1964 when it was demolished to make way for a new hall. All that remains of this building is the name plaque which has been inserted into the wall near the entrance to the halls. Between 1812 and 1839 additional land was acquired giving the site a frontage onto Star Lane. A new chapel was built on this land and opened in 1841. It had cost £1200 and the frontage was graced with huge Doric pilasters. In 1867 a gallery was inserted thereby increasing the seating capacity from 344 to 434. The harmonium was placed in the gallery which also seated the choir. In 1940 the chapel seated 420 in pews and there was a schoolroom and three other rooms, The chapel continues to be used as a Methodist place of worship.
Methodist Church Buildings: Statistical returns including seating accommodation as at July 1st 1940, No 726
J D Birkbeck, A History of Bourne, 1976, pp 104-5
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  • This is a grade 2 listed building.

    By David Leese (25/06/2022)
  • Lincolnshire Archives :
    Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Abbey Road, Bourne.
    ref. Meth/B/Bourne, W/H/1/13, eleven preaching plans, 1930 to 1932, Wesleyan.

    ref. LCL10949, year 1914, Bourne Wesleyan. Photo of Sunday School children in Well Head Field, holding their banner.

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    ref. R.Journal, re Lincolnshire Methodist classics reconsidered 3. H.A. Sneath, Methodist memmories/ of Bourne Wesleyan Circuit, c.1831.

    Other documents.

    By Raymond E. O. Ælla (16/11/2021)
  • *Morton by Bourne Chapel ( Wesleyan Methodist ), not the one near Gainsborough.
    The Chapel is/was 2 miles from Bourne, built in 1892, closed 1967/8. It was in the Bourne Wesleyan circuit until 1932, after unification within the Bourne Methodist circuit to year 1968.
    *Lincolnshire Archives, ref. Meth//C/Morton by Bourne.

    By Raymond E. O. Ælla (16/11/2021)

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