Heather Wesleyan Methodist chapel

Newton Road, Heather LE67 2RD

Whilst I was researching the history of Heather Primitive Methodist chapel near Ibstock in LeicestersHire, Pauline Pettitt of the Ibstock Historical Society passed on to me the following account of Methodism in Heather.  Most of it relates to the Wesleyan chapel which was on Main Street. The Primitive chapel was on Pisca Lane and you can read about it here.

Heather Methodist Church

In March 1828, a piece of land was purchased from Benjamin Bradley of Heather by Trustees appointed from the Ashby Wesleyan Methodist circuit.  It cost the four shilling.  In April 1928, the Measham Minister took charge at Heather and this arrangement continued until 1950, when it was joined to the Coalville circuit in a realignment of churches.  Lay pastors living at Ellistown the had pastoral oversight until 1963 when Rev Davis Keep was appointed at Ibstock.  Rev Keith Jarvis came in 1974.

In 1852 a Primitive Methodist chapel was built in Pisca Lane at the cost of £120.  This building was extended in 1903.

Wesleyan Methodist churches was early in the century, and continued until1932, when Methodism was united into one denomination.   The trustees had purchased a further plot of land in 1898 for a schoolroom.  The land cost £2 – 5s – 0d.  Permission was granted to extend the church by building the school alongside art the cost of “less than £100”.

Electricity was introduced to the building in 1929.  More additions like the font (in memory of Victor Rose) in 1957, kitchen facilities, chairs in 1961, a clock in memory of AW Marsh in 1962, tables in 1966 and Anniversar platform in 1967 and a flower pedestal in 1969 (in memory of Miss F Rose). The chapel was rewired in 1971 and the schoolroom was repainted when the external painting was last done in 1975, thanks to an anonymous gift of £200.

Many early members were the Bradley family, Marsh Family, Mr Richard Brooks, Mr Albert Rose.  Mrs Jessie Rose played the harmonium in the chapel and the one in the school came from Mr Joseph Cooper’s family.  One of the miniters who stayed for 5 years 1966-1971 was Rev Glanville Martin.  They had the 150th Anniversary of the chapel in 1978.

Note: This chapel is now a private house”

Heather Wesleyan Methodist chapel