Kingswood, Kington

11th July 1991
Dave Hill

OS Map Reference 294542

Built in 1862, seated 60. Now a House

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  • Thank you for info.
    Dave Hill, (Bodenham)

    By Dave Hill (03/12/2019)
  • I actually live in this very house( BTW it’s tiny and I doubt that the people that sat in there had very much space) and yes it was built in 1862 and it was a Wesleyan Methodist chapel we even have features that were left on the house when my great-grandparents on my father’s mother’s side of the family first moved in, such as the stone carving on the front of our porch, or the windows in our garage, or even some little tiny wind turbine things on the front of our house. And looking back on the photo, the photo is before my parents got to it as they would never take the white windowy porch it’s truly disgusting, although our porch isn’t exactly beautiful either.

    By Lila Price (01/12/2019)

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