Bridgefoot WM Chapel, Cumberland

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Bridgefoot WM preaching place, Cumberland

A dwelling house lent for the purpose and which had 20 free sittings had been used in 1851 but it was closed when the chapel at Bridgefoot opened in 1867. The chapel was renovated and a school built in 1907.


Cumbria Archive Service, Whitehaven  YDFCM1/1/32 – 4)


Bridgefoot WM Chapel, Cumberland

The Chapel was built of stone in 1867 at a cost of £160 and opened on in August of that year. The date plaques read “Bridgefoot/Wesleyan/Chapel.AD 1867” and “Rebuilt 1875”. Further expenditure bringing the total to £199.11.1 was incurred in 1872. In 1873 there were 52 lettable and 48 free sittings. By 1881 there were 60 lettable and 88 free sittings, the enlargement of the chapel in 1875 having provided 50 extra sittings. The situation remained unchanged in 1891 and 1901 apart from the addition of two fee seats by 1901. In 1940 it had 100 sittings on forms. It was closed on 6 June 1966 because there were too few members to warrant the extensive repairs needed. It is now in residential use. 


Cumbria Archive Service, Whitehaven YDFCM1/1/32 – 3

Wesleyan seating returns, 1873

Cumbria Archive Service, Carlisle DFCM14/13

Cumbria Archive Service, Carlisle DFCM1/2/82 – 97

DFCM3/1/43 – 62

Cumbria Archives Service, Kendal WDFCM7 Synod Minutes 1937-

Carlisle Library, 1A287, Methodist Property Statistics 1940

Site visit 30.9.2017


Bridgefoot, WM chapel ,facade, 30.9.2017
Bridgefoot, WM chapel, detail of gable, 30.9.2017
G W Oxley
Bridgefoot, WM chape date plaque, 30.9.2017
G W Oxley

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    Does anyone have a photo of this by chance or who was named on it? It’s recorded as “Lost” at th Imperial War Museum.
    Bridgefoot (Little Clifton)

    Stained glass window with a figure holding a roll of honour. On the wall on either side of the window are paintings representing scrolls- the right hand one is blank, but the left hand one has an inscription
    On Window-1914 Their names liveth for evermore 1919/ On scroll on left hand side of window-They died for freedom and honour

    By KEITH RICHARDSON (15/08/2023)

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