Architecture in Wesleyan Methodist Churches

Charles Bell of London

These two examples were designed by the architect Charles Bell of London (Dictionary of Scottish Architects and )

It is interesting to compare Bell’s work in these chapels. The first is Ampthill Wesleyan Methodist Church, Bedfordshire opened 1884 and the second, Trinity Wesleyan Methodist Church, Romford, Essex opened 1888.

Ampthill is built in a deep red brick whereas Trinity is a mellower, orange colour brick. Ampthill is the slightly bigger church in size. The similarities in style continue to the church interiors. Both have a stately, worshipful feel about them. On entry to the church from the front, both are dominated by a large rostrum dwarfing the communion table below and an organ behind that covers the whole width of the chancel arch. Trinity has a gallery above the entrance, whereas Ampthill’s gallery extends round the whole church.

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