Dalston WM Chapel, Cumberland

Grid ref NY 368502

By GW Oxley

Photo:Dalston WM Chapel site

Dalston WM Chapel site

G W Oxley

Dalston chapel was built in 1840 at a cost of £220. By 1873 it was reported that it had been closed for several years although it continued in Wesleyan ownership. It had been sold by 1898. The image shows the residential building which now stands on what is probably site of the chapel. It could well incorporate the fabric of the chapel.


Cumbria Archives Service Carlisle DFCM1/2/82-97, Carlisle WM District property schedules, 1862-1877

Cumbria Archives Service Carlisle DFCM3/1/43-62 Carlisle WM  District property schedules, 1898-1917

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