Alston WM Chapels

By GW Oxley

The first chapel was “at the foot of the  street”. In 1797 it was sold to Joseph Hall who converted it into a house and workshop.

The second chapel was built in 1797 and the third in 1867. It was designed by Mr Haswell of South Shields in a mixture of Norman and Italian styles. The builder was Thomas Cranston and the joiners were T Richardson and J Walton. The cost was £2000. New Sunday School premises were opened in 1933.


Carlisle Library, 1A287, St Paul’s Methodist Chapel, 1868 - 1968

Site visit, Seprtember 2008

Photo:Wesleyan Chapel,Alston, Sept 2008

Wesleyan Chapel,Alston, Sept 2008

G W Oxley

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