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Page link: Basingstoke (Church Street)
Basingstoke (Church Street)
some photographs
Page link: New Brighton, North Wales
New Brighton, North Wales
Which New Brighton?
Page link: Cheddleton, Staffs
Cheddleton, Staffs
Short biographical sketches extending over a century
Page link: Rev F. C. Young
Rev F. C. Young
Hong Kong and Quebec (Co. Durham)
Page link: Brymbo
Methodists on the dirt heap?
Page link: Faccombe
William Piper
Page link: Blaenavon
Young, Gameson, Miles and others
Page link: Quebec, County Durham
Quebec, County Durham
revival in the 1870s among pitmen
Page link: Basingstoke
Gibbs, Tovey, Withers, Moses Cook
Page link: Overton, Flintshire
Overton, Flintshire
Wesleyan - Wesle Bach - Primitive
Page link: Wherwell, Hampshire
Wherwell, Hampshire
Tovey, Batt, Lawrence