Wesleyan Methodist Ministers

Page link: Rev Arthur Denman Martin
Rev Arthur Denman Martin
Member of The Magic Circle
Page link: Rev Charles Ensor Walters
Rev Charles Ensor Walters
Author and Missionary
Page link: Rev Charles Escritt
Rev Charles Escritt
Photo of Students for Richmond Wesleyan College 1896/7
Page link: Rev David Ashby
Rev David Ashby
Page link: Rev Dirk Almair Schouten
Rev Dirk Almair Schouten
Wesleyan Minister in Tortola, BVI
Page link: Rev Edward Strutt
Rev Edward Strutt
Wesleyan missionary in Ceylon
Page link: Rev F. C. Young
Rev F. C. Young
Hong Kong and Quebec (Co. Durham)
Page link: Rev James Hedges
Rev James Hedges
Page link: Rev M.W. Mountford
Rev M.W. Mountford
Page link: Rev Peter Thompson
Rev Peter Thompson
Page link: Rev R Einion Jones
Rev R Einion Jones
Wesleyan Methodist Minister
Page link: Rev Robert Culley
Rev Robert Culley
Page link: Rev Robert Maxwell
Rev Robert Maxwell
Page link: Rev Silvester Whitehead
Rev Silvester Whitehead
Wesleyan Missionary to China
Page link: Rev Thomas Bowman Stephenson
Rev Thomas Bowman Stephenson
Founder of the NCH and Wesley Deaconess Institute
Page link: Rev Thomas Huckerby
Rev Thomas Huckerby
Wesleyan Minister in St Vincent
Page link: Rev. Benjamin Heseltine
Rev. Benjamin Heseltine
Connexional Evangelist
Page link: Rev. Richard Hart
Rev. Richard Hart
Sierra-Leone to Warrnambool via Greenock
Page link: Rev.Thomas Townsley Dilks
Rev.Thomas Townsley Dilks
"The Dilks Revival"
Category link: Obituaries of Wesleyan Ministers
Obituaries of Wesleyan Ministers
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